Kara no Kyokai: The Garden of Sinners: Short anime review part 2/7 – Murder Speculation (part 1)

Review: As if the creators know exactly what the first episode lacks, Murder Speculation (part 1) focuses only on the two leading characters, Shiki and Mikiya, and absolutely nothing else. Plus, Shiki in red dress looks stunning and adorably murderous!

Murder Speculation (part 1) goes back way before the events of Overlooking View when Mikiya first met Shiki in high school and a series of brutal murders plague the town. In this anime, the viewers finally learn more about where Shiki comes from and the shocking truth about her, physically and psychologically. As for Mikiya, we also see much more about him though it does not make him look any less like a fool for always running into trouble. Maybe it’s the love that renders him blind. Stalking a psychologically ill girl is one thing but stalking a psychologically ill murder suspect is a complete different matter. And there were times that I suspect that Mikiya was not entirely normal himself.

The ending of this anime is intentionally interrupted. Part of what really happens is removed and the viewers must carry the big unanswered question for at least a few more episodes before the whole event is revealed.

Ultimately, this episode is still somewhat inconclusive and non-progressive. It is but a snapshot of a long series of events still yet to come but it does its job well in establishing the two main characters and subsequently complementing both the previous and the upcoming episodes. This series is building itself up quite well.

Rating: B


Title: Kara no Kyokai: Murder Speculation (Part 1)
Genre: horror, supernatural, action, romance
Release date: December 29, 2007
Running Time: 58 minutes
Director: Takuya Nonaka
Animated by: ufotable

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16 responses to “Kara no Kyokai: The Garden of Sinners: Short anime review part 2/7 – Murder Speculation (part 1)

  1. I think it was a perfect setup for the finale. But then again I’m a biased fucker whenever it concerns KnK

    • It may seem strangely rated because I tried to limit my criticism on only one episode. But I’ll give my overall review in the end for sure.

  2. I thought I liked the first movie better. I think it’s because as you said, “inclusive and non-progressive.” At the end of this episode, I wasn’t sure what ultimately happened. That said, I still liked it a lot.

  3. Love love. Love love love. Love.com. Love love love/myspace.com/love.

  4. Well, I’m not too offended by such a cliffhanger, even if it’s a bit cruel to subject an almost feature-length movie audience to a seemingly episodic hanger. Kara no Kyoukai is impressive enough to be unoffending in that regard. As you said, it’s all the buildup, establishment and development.

    • It was the cliffhanger that would be reveal in the last episode, not the next one. Now that’s cruel. Oh, did I just spill out spoilers? -_-‘

  5. It has surely slow progressing pace, as with every next episode more action is introduced.. I kinda like it this way.

    • Yeah, the diversity between episode is one of this show’s unique quality. But making me wait for so long is very painful nevertheless:)

  6. All I know is that the GSC figures from this series of Shiki are some of my favorites. I love them. I plan on watching the movie series in the near future.

    • Do give them a chance. It won’t take much time though it may take a lot of extra contemplating while watching :)

      • My main concern was that they weren’t all released at the time I got the figures. I wanted to let more than just the first one be released when I go to start watching them. Is movie #2 the newest one?

      • Actually, all seven movies has been released. It’s just that I watch them periodically so I post my review in separate post. ^_^’

  7. Kara no Kyoukai is one of my favourite series. The soundtrack is just gorgeous, as well as the animation.

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