A personal post: this is Canne, blogging about anime from the burning city!

I think everyone needs to write something personal once in a while especially when real life hits you hard. This is such a time for me. But first, no, I am not announcing my retirement from blogging or something like that. I just want to let what has been weighting in my heart out. Have you read the world news lately? If you did then you must have already known that my city is burning.

Hahaha, it wasn’t that bad. I live in Thailand and for the last few month, the capital city has been under siege by great number of protesters pouring in from rural provinces. I won’t go into any details about the political conflicts because, like every political conflict, one cannot clearly tell lies from facts. Instead, I’ll tell you what I saw, what I felt, what I experienced.

For the last month or so, the situation got more and more intense but nothing extremely violent happened until yesterday. I was driving home and I noticed that the traffic jam was unusually bad. The supermarket and shops along my way home were all closed. Suddenly I spotted black smoke rising from a distant up ahead. I was really worried. I later learned that some people had set fire around the city hall and the mayor’s house. That night I watched the news and realized that the events had turned for the worst.

The leaders of the protesters officially discontinued the political movements and turned themselves in. But some of the protesters broke out in rage and started setting fire on several landmark buildings and  governmental and financial offices. Do you remember my old post about my trip to the 3D cinema? In March, I was there at the heart of the city, at the center of the business area. I walk through that shopping complex which was one of the biggest in Asia with my heart filled with wonder. Last night I saw that giant building consumed by flame along with the nearby cinema. For some crazy reason, I was devastated.

I felt like the stability, security and the peace I had been counting on, taking them for granted were extremely fragile. They can vanish over night. Though the story of civil war and terrorism is nothing new in my anime/movie watching experience, this is probably the first time that I actually feel ‘terror’ creeping up inside, taking over me. It is real and it is here just beyond my doorstep.

This might be quite boring to you and I must apologize if you have been reading this post and have just found out that it has nothing to do with anime. This will be the only time I bring this dark matter into my blog. I promise. Plus, this whole political turmoil sounds so third-world-ish. And for the few of you who may be worried about my safety, don’t be. I am doing fine and still blogging about anime…mostly :)

39 responses to “A personal post: this is Canne, blogging about anime from the burning city!

  1. glad to know that you’re safe and sound despite the current turmoil which currently hit your country. been following the news ever since it broke out and at times i was reminded and came concerned for your safety. but now my worries for that had lessened thanks to this latest post of yours.

    may the conflict over there be put to rest in the nearest time possible, and for peace to once again return to both your land and life.

  2. Oh wow. I’ve been reading a bit about the turmoil in Thailand, but I cannot possibly imagine how frightening this must have been. All I can do is wish you and your country the best.

  3. Canne,

    Stay safe. Take it easy if you don’t feel emotionally well because of the events. It sounds like you’re doing fine, but sometimes you never know when that sudden bit of devastation you felt ends up building into a bigger stress in your life. I hope your country finds stability soon.

    • I try to avoid watching too much news, just look at the headlines so that I do not miss the essential things like the curfew time. That tactic makes me feel better :)

  4. Safety and security is 2nd in Maslow’s pyramid – the fact that you’re unnerved isn’t surprising at all. I’ve heard of experiences that cause one to realize how brittle established society around them is, but really, it must be horrible experiencing it like this. Politics are really sticky, and I know too little about your situation to jump to any hasty conclusions, but I can wish ya best of luck.

    • The social stability is indeed brittle but still, I want to believe in it. Knowing how fragile it is makes it all the more valuable.
      Thanks for your concern :)

  5. Sounds out of control. I haven’t seen anything like that up close and in person ever. I don’t think I’ve even seen a fire up close in person ever (like an actual large scale fire).

    Stay safe.

    • Thanks!
      If you want to see a large scale fire you can create it yourself but of course, you’d become a terrorist and got arrested, LOL :P

  6. I live in the country next to you, way down to the South in Johor but yeah we saw the Reds every evening through our news channel. This is why politic sucks.

    Take care.

  7. Man, so much has been happening, but the main thing is that your safe =)

  8. Do hope that the situation resolves itself soon, though judging from all the reports, this might take quite some time. Do stay safe!

    • Thanks, living in the curfew does not affect my lifestyle that much because I never like going out at night in the first place. So I think I will be just fine :)

  9. That is sort of the message of Fight Club, that we can remove very little and somehow the sense of stability, security, which all hinges on continuity evaporates. And if all it takes for stability to fly outside the window is so small, then it obviously was… fake…

    Which returns me to your point about truth. In politics, truth is not what you believe, and truth is not what really happened, but what you can get everyone to believe.

    I know how it is, I live in Israel, and most people abroad have no idea about Israel, even those who think they do. Those who visit, still have no idea of what it’s like living here. Even those who live in the center don’t always know what it’s like living where I do… tiring.

    • So basically only a handful of people really know about Israel and even then, no one can be sure if it’s the truth. I am having a headache already :D

  10. aquabluesweater

    It is very sad to see the way the devastation happening in Bangkok at the moment. Just depressing that it has to come to this:( The silver lining in all this is that at least there seems to befurther violence and the military seems to have things more or less under control…

    Anyhow, take care of yourself and I look forward to reading more of your anime-related posts. If reality fails us, take comfort that there is always anime to fall back to:)

    • Thanks, I always fall back to anime even after the slightest of difficulty or hardship.
      And yes, things has started to settle down now :)

      • aquabluesweater

        I was talking to my brother yesterday about this (he actually lived last week around the Victory Monument area where all the actions were so he must have had a hell of an experience, even indoor, listening to bullets and grenade so close by) and he was saying that if we want to be positive, at least we should be glad it does not come to a civil war and more bloodshed (which at one point was a real possibility. So all in all, it’s bad, but thankfully not THAT bad!

  11. That sounds really serious. The news here only slightly covered it, but I had no idea how serious it is.
    Please stay safe! And I wish you the best of luck.
    I hope things turn better in Thailand.

    Again, good luck and make sure to take care of yourself, OK?

    • Thank you! Right now it is much better around here though the curfew is still active and the soldiers still patrol the street. At least all the smoke has gone :)

  12. I actually didn’t hear about it until your post. I’ve been out of the loop, I’m afraid.

    I’ll wish you the best, and be wishing the best for you and your country. I couldn’t even imagine…

    • Thank you for your concern. I should give my readers some update; things settles down right now. No more burning, the news these days are mostly about people cleaning the street and officials searching the areas for remaining dangerous objects (yes, the bomb) ^_^

  13. I’ve been tracking the story on the news and I must say, seeing a personal opinion from someone who live there is rather interesting. Glad you’re safe from all the craziness though o/

    My dad went through Tiananmen Square incident as a Beijing local and his stories always tell me that he never want to see a mass protest (or the ensuing) again… so yeah I sorta get what you feel.

    • I actually tried to avoid voicing too much personal opinion about the incident but only my feeling towards it. Thank you for your kind concern and yeah, nothing comes out of mass protest but hatred and destruction :)

  14. Hi there! I’m a little late to this but nevertheless, I’d like to extend best wishes to you and Thailand. I’ve been following the news myself and been hearing a lot of updates from a couple of my close Thai friends as well. Quite a number of them live rather near the zones where the riots took place, some just a few blocks away and they could hear the commotions from their home every now and then (or so I’ve heard from their updates). Hope the political situation will calm down soon. I’d really like to drop by Bangkok one of these days to catch up with my old uni-mates. It’s a beautiful city in a beautiful country. :)

    • Thanks! things have returned to normal now. They will rebuild the shopping complex(thank goodness o_o). You can drop by anytime but it’s so hot this time of year >_<

  15. I don’t think there’s anything I could say about this that would be adequate. But I despise violence. And I’m really glad you’re safe. Take care.

  16. Very interesting to hear a neutral description from the site. Over here in Finland the whole mess in Bangkok has been on the news on a daily basis – probably because Thailand is very popular among Finnish tourists (a friend of mine is going to Bangkok with his wife soon).

    We Europeans will no doubt witness something similar in the times to come – I’m sure you know what happened in Greece already. I’m certain that other financially cornered European countries will follow their path and who knows how bad the chaos could get.

    Hopefully the worst is over down there now. Politics are a nasty business when they get to that point.

    • Thank you for your concern!
      I saw lots of worrisome news from Greece from world news channel. I know it is related to the worsening financial situation but I honestly don’t really get the underlying political conflicts. Nevertheless, I do hope they can peacefully talk things over.

  17. I prefer peace and stability as well. I admit that I like my life predictable and calm.

  18. This is ridiculously late, but… Glad you’re okay! :)

  19. I’m so sorry you had to go through this and very glad that you came through it safe and sound.

    Its got to be horrible experiencing such a thing happening to your home :( ((HUG)).

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