Canne’s second battle begins!

Updated: The match is now closed. Canne advances to the third round.Thank you, everyone!

go vote or get your head smashed by Gogo's meteor hammer!

It looks like the Aniblog Tourney has recently occupied most of the spaces in my blog. I have published so many posts surrounding this matter that I hardly post any anime review lately. But that does not mean that I haven’t been reviewing anything. I just saved them and planned to release them later.

Back to the main point. My second round in the Aniblog Tourney begins today. I am up against Washi’s Wakaranai which is one of the more famous episodic blogs around. Unlike my first round against the controversial Colony Drop, I believe Wakaranai won’t have anyone campaigning against it. Thus, I assume that this will be an even tougher battle for me. Nevertheless, it also means that every single vote I get is the vote that I earn and that is something invaluable for this lonely blogger.

Visit the Touney site, take a look around Wakaranai and most importantly, take your time exploring this blog. If you like what I do here, please cast me your vote and if you have any suggestions regarding my blog, feel free to express them here. Thank you!

p.s. for new readers, please read this post as well to gain clearer picture of my blog.

20 responses to “Canne’s second battle begins!

  1. You know you got my vote, Canne so put down that weapon. Your competitor’s layout just left me confused anyway >_<

  2. A picture of GOGO is all I need to once again give you my support.

    I’ve watched Kill Bill about 7 times this month.

    • Gogo’s end is the only thing that can turn me against The Bride.
      So I get your support. I’m planning to post a picture of Gogo every time I need something from you, LOL

  3. Why is Colony Drop controversial? I also wouldn’t put off your regular blogging, especially as there’s need for new content for those who will vote for you, and for your regular readership ;)

    • You are right, I should not put off too much of the juice of my blog. :)
      I don’t know Colony Drop well but I say it’s controversial because the opinions regarding it are so divisive.

  4. voted for you again! ur doing awesome!

  5. Same here, voted for you ^^

  6. aquabluesweater

    Have done my part. Hope I am not jinxing it but glad to see that you’re currently leading by 15 votes.

    I see also that you have also stepped up your campaign with intimidation tactic from none other than the real Gogo Yubari:)

  7. Good luck in this around as well! It looks like you’re leading, and I think you’ll have no problem going onto the next round. ^ ^

    My vote was yours even without the Gogo pic, but having her there just makes voting for you that much cooler.

  8. Chiaki Kuriyama is mai waifu. Do not claim.

  9. I will look forward to those posts of yours once the tourney is over- although that competition has been a lot of fun to follow so far. Not only have you made it to the second round (congrats!), but you’re also holding your own in the new match-up! You deserve every single vote. And good luck in the rest of the tourney ;D

  10. You got my vote Canne!!!!!! Good luck in the next round.

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