Which Anime Blogger has the most awesome avatar?


First of all, I would like to let you know that this post is Canne’s 100th post! I do not put up a separate cerebration post for this occasion because it would end up as filler and when I put my blog’s age (2.5 years) into consideration, it may reflect that I didn’t post as often as I should have.

Now for this post, I want to talk about something light and easy. Lately I have been roaming around the blogsphere and have stumbled upon so many awesome avatars. Then it occurred to me that I should post something about that since some of those avatars seemed to possess some depth and unique qualities. Please note that this selection is very subjective and does not reflect the bloggers’ quality of work. It will be just about their avatars. Here are some of the avatars I like the most (next to my own, of course)

Caraniel: The burning red hair and the contrasting snow white skin makes Caraniel’s avatar totally unforgettable for me. Instead of facing the viewers, the girl in the avatar turns her back to us. Plus, her posture implies that she is far ahead and is almost out of our reaches. That’s interesting!

Chaostangent: What can I say? I am a cat person and I love anyone who put a cat in his/her avatar. Several people do that including Yumeka and Pietel but Chaostangent’s cat is the cutest of the lot. That’s all.

ExecutiveOtaku: His avatar only shows part of the face creating an unusually mysterious aura around him. The eye looks directly at the viewers in somewhat threatening way and seems to be contemplating something. Outstanding!

Fabrice: Fabrice’s avatar is quite generic in design but instead of focusing at the face, the picture focuses at the finger touching the chin. The girl is not looking at the viewers but diverts her sight upward which makes me feel that the person is in her own imaginary world.

Glo: Glo’s avatar is not beautiful but its simplicity makes it one of the most unique avatars around. What’s more, it radiates playful feeling just like the person behind it.

Kadian: Correct me if I am wrong but that is a bomb, isn’t it?! At first sight, Kadian’s avatar seems completely harmless like a kid’s toy but after giving it a good look, it’s kind of unsettling. Better keep my distance :P

Mefloraine: Mefloraine’s avatar is pretty, full of details and it is upside down. The girl seems to be floating in the water and she seems untroubled. But look at the bar-like silhouette on her body. Is she in a prison or something?

Poro: The lovely Totoro is eating an unfortunate child! I think that is self explanatory enough.

Ryan A: This is probably the most awesome avatar, in my opinion. Two people are separating from each other (or melting into one?) I think the picture represents the alternate self of the blogger; the one in real life and another who exists only in cyberspace.

Yi: This is the most beautiful avatar around. It looks like a painting. The girl is positioned at the lower left corner of the frame giving her a very introvert impression. Her eyes are closed. Is she sleeping or just listening and enjoying the silence?

Zzeroparticle: The girl is shutting herself in her own world listening to the music. I especially love the spacing at the right side of the picture which magnifies the invisible and impenetrable wall surrounding the person.

What do you think of my choice? Do you get different impression when you look at these avatars? I’m sure you have your favorite avatar in your mind so feel free to share them here. Again, I must say that I am talking about the avatars only, not about the blogs. And if your avatar does not appear here, don’t be sad. All the avatars are beautiful because their owners carefully choose them for a reason.

79 responses to “Which Anime Blogger has the most awesome avatar?

  1. well … i have a pig avatar and a kakashi avatar … =) but i like ur picture for this entry… did u paint that guy with the mask?

  2. They are all inferior to mine. Moe cuteness + Beatrice freakiness + Mugiwara awesomeness.

  3. I’ve always liked Yi’s avatar.

  4. Hmph. My skull-one avatar is sad due to the snub. Don’t piss it off, it’s 40 feet tall, armed and fully loaded.

    (actually it’s only 5″ tall, being a Revoltech figure LOL)

    • Now I feel guilty, really. You have a unique (and tall) avatar indeed. It’s just me who fail to perceive the greatness behind it, gomen!

  5. >my face when Hideyoshi wasn’t mentioned

  6. I say Yi has the best one. That’s all I say.

  7. Out of these, I think I like Caraniel’s the best. The red is just so pretty! :D

  8. Thanks for the mention, even if you think the other cat is cuter XD

  9. I think anime bloggers with original hand-made avatars are the best.

  10. Ah, yes, I would say mefloraine’s and Yi are two I really like; that VOFAN! I also like Misu’s previous avatar (yukifu.net) and Miha’s :)

    My avatar is from March 2009 issue of Interview Mag (http://www.interviewmagazine.com/fashion/mary-kate-olsen/) … sort of doesn’t fit into the ani/manga, but [I try not to segment my art and entertainment :)] … I do find it completely interesting in that the focus person is a twin, and the other half in the mirror, is not the twin. The validity of ‘alternate self’ is there, but it’s not my own original feeling; I sympathize with MK in that situation. I think it is a major hill (identity crisis) to claim your own identity when your popular identity is linked so closely to being a twin.

    Look into the mirror, and if our own blogs are mirrors, we should look into them as well. :)

    • That really clears things up. I am surprised you keep the link to the original work. Nevertheless, I was right about the fact that there was some deeper meaning behind your avatar. Wait, you are not twins, are you?

  11. Mysterious, threatening, contemplative. I could go for that!

    Hehe, thanks for putting mine on the list. I think I like Yi’s the most overall, though all of them on the list are cool. I also liked Yumeka’s angry Chi quite a bit too.

  12. I can tell apart Glo and Baka’s posts anywhere

  13. Interesting interpretation. And fitting too! I know that oftentimes, I’ll just lose myself into the music since it offers such a wonderful world for me to explore and dig into. As for the ones featured here, it’s a tossup between Yi and Mefloraine’s since their artwork really sticks out.

  14. I really like Poro’s and Ryan A’s. One’s really funny and the other’s really pretty.
    Mefloraine’s is nice too. Love Vofan’s artwork.

    Btw. I like yours too. Gogo from Kill Bill is awesome!

  15. Hehe thanks for the mention =)
    interesting to see someone paying attention to avatars… D: i dont really myself.. gomen.

    Nice idea to write a post and Congratz for your 100 th post!!

  16. I’m glad you mentioned Poro’s. I think his would probably get my vote. ;)

  17. Congrats on the 100th post, and I’m sorry, but I definitely think mine is the best! Melon-cat, who reminds me of that Star Wars pilot :P

  18. I prefer Yi’s, although I really love Guy’s too. I’m a sucker for cats!

  19. Ha ha, I love my avatar. VOFAN is simply amazing, every time.
    The bars of light come from the blinds on the window in the image.
    Which I shall link here: http://www.wretch.cc/album/show.php?i=vofan&b=7&f=1139176116&p=135 :3

  20. Mine has strangely stopped showing up on WordPress.com blogs so I can’t show the world how awesome it is…

  21. zzeroparticle’s is pure awesome. so fitting.

  22. The ones that really look awesome in there are IMO Caraniel’s and Melforaine’s. I like when avatar is bright, in a good quality and style, otherwise my eyes tend to ignore them :P

    • I think it should be nice looking and something that helps you connect a post to its author, though it’s often “amusing” when you don’t truly remember the username but more the avatar…

      Anyway, I think that an avatar should be there in the background. If it arrests your attention and distracts from the content it comes next to? It’s not an upside, but a downside. Form should not distract from content.

    • Bright and good style…sounds like my avatar! XP

  23. congrats on 100 posts! what a cute way to remember it by!

    ExecutiveOtaku’s is probably my favourite. There’s just something about it that matches him so well.

    Glo’s has always entertained me because well it’s eyes and purple! XD

  24. Congrats on the 100th post!

    I love my avatar the original pic has featured as my desktop for ages! http://tinyurl.com/37lte5y The colours and composition are what attracted me to the image too (that and the fact I actually have redhair and really pale skin……..well actually my skin is now a brighter red than my hair – the Roman sun really did a number on me!).

    I’ve always liked Mefloraine and Glo’s avatars too, there are so many eyecatching ones out there!

  25. I come from the school of ancient computing and X-Face header, where avatar was the picture. Heck, I used to deny friendship to people with fake pictures on Orkut. But of course the avatar is different in concept. It’s too bad that no site anywhere makes a distinction.

    • That was a far distant memory for me. Friendship with people who use fake pictures is naturally different from RL friends but still valuable nevertheless.

  26. I JUST realized. Just now, at this very moment, that you’re avatar is Gogo from Kill Bill. I didn’t realize it until that recent aniblog post. This makes my opinion of you go through the roof.

  27. First time visiting this blog. I must say that I adore my avatar a lot too :D plus everyone knows why I have that avatar (at least the 3 people who read my blog :p)

  28. This is a very interesting post Canne, I am quite surprised at how many different avatars that blogger’s today. You should do another one of these so I can see some more interesting avatars.

  29. Come on, mine is obviously superior.
    I liked the previous one better but people kept complaining about it, I wonder why…

    • Omitting your avatar from the list was another big mistake I made recently. I like your previous avatar because the eyes are strangely deviated like an insane person. Simply unique! o_O

  30. So many cool avatars to pick from :) I’m not sure I can do it!

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  32. …that’s not a random toy bomb. It’s a bob-omb from Super Mario. Nerd fail.

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