Eden of the East the Movie I: The King of Eden: anime review – I want a beautiful guardian angel like that, too!

Review: Eden of the East TV series is, without any doubt, one of the best anime released in 2009. For an anime so innovative and complex, it definitely deserves sequels that could live up to the viewers’ high expectation. Thank goodness, King of Eden is exactly that kind of sequel.

I am under the impression that King of Eden is meant to be the sequel that brings the viewers back to the world of Eden and build up for the upcoming finale. Thus, this movie provides significantly lower level of excitement compared to the end of the TV anime. There is nothing that actually wows the viewers like the Tokyo missiles attack scene in the series. But the show, despite its being dialogue-driven, is always compelling thanks to the new information constantly revealed throughout its run.

This is a sequel that expects the viewers to have background knowledge about the series before start watching. Six months after the missiles attack, Akira becomes a public figure and a missing person. The story takes off when Saki travels to New York looking for him and finds that Akira has erased his own memory again. The events after that are mostly about power struggle between opposing Celecao with Akira and Saki in the middle of the game.

All the familiar characters return and this time, they exhibit much more development and personality. Saki who has always seemed to be clueless and unimportant finally lets the viewers know that the entire show is actually told through her own and only point of view. Takizawa Akira is as unpredictable as ever and that’s exactly why he has nearly acquired an iconic status among anime fans.  Juiz expressed more emotion, personal thoughts and she clearly is more sarcastic than ever. But the real high light is the Celecao number 11, Diana Shiratori, who changes her position from being my favorite villain to my favorite guardian angel of the anime.

The production quality remains the same as the TV series which is very good. Again, I was simply mesmerized by the details put into every scene in New York City. I could see hundreds of people and cars, all moving realistically, in the background. The original soundtracks are similar to the series’ and the English opening sequence is reminiscent of Oasis’ Falling Down.

Curiously enough, even though King of Eden provides many new information and new important players to the saga, I don’t feel like it has moved so far forward. There are still many key questions left to be answered and there’s no sign that this game is going to end anytime soon. Don’t get me wrong, King of Eden is a great anime and a must-watch for Eden fans. I’m just worried that there may be too little time left for the story to wrap all the loose ends and create a satisfactory finale. That remains to be seen.

Rating: B+


Title: Eden of the East the Movie I: The King of Eden
Genre: sci-fi, thriller, action
Release date: November 28, 2009
Running Time: 82 minutes
Director: Kenji Kamiyama
Animated by: Production I.G

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15 responses to “Eden of the East the Movie I: The King of Eden: anime review – I want a beautiful guardian angel like that, too!

  1. I was pissed when the movie ended like THAT though. Because i didn’t wanna like, wait another set of months just to watch the rest of it. >.<

    I want the second movie NAO.

    • So that means you actually like it and want more. I want to get to the end soon, too, though I get a disturbing feeling that it will probably let me down. Time will tell.

  2. In my opinion, instead of being a movie, it really should have been three or four OVAs. It is enjoyable to watch for light comedy and fillers to the plot that will help piece the end together.

  3. argh i hav the movie, just not the time to watch it >.<

  4. ok I know, I need to watch Eden of the East! This summer I plan on catching up on my anime to do list!

  5. I haven’t seen the prequel and the review mentions that it bases on the prequel a lot. Further, while the production value is indeed nice, I don’t like the art style of the characters. Ultimately, I don’t think I’ll be watching this.

    It’s too bad though, because the other elements sound pretty good.

    • The characters art style?
      Um, I think the design is okay but the characters look too young for the context of the story. They look like high schoolers, not college graduates.

  6. its first time to hear about Eden of the East i will c it

  7. Watched it today, truly a disappointment if you ask me. When it comes to Anime Movies – they should be unique, improved version of TV serie… But here?.. Well, I must say it was much more thrilling to watch it in 24 min eps, here I got bored at some point with that slow pace. Plus, lots of lazy scenes like ‘Cars driving’ and ‘People walking by’ just to fill it up.

    Can’t say I didn’t enjoy it, but it’s worse than I expected it to be, no cool soundtracks or truly breath-taking action.

    • I must admit that this one is far from compelling compared to the series. Nevertheless, I have high hope for the final movie. ^^

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