Kara no Kyokai: The Garden of Sinners: Short anime review part 1/7 – Overlooking View

Introduction: Kara no Kyokai: The Garden of Sinners consists of 7 movies released over last couple of years. I’ve just recently started watching it and will be reviewing it one at a time. The review will be published sporadically (just like everything else on my blog x_x) depending on the time I watch each movie. I’ll rate each episode and will give my overall rating once the seventh episode has been reviewed.

The review: If I have to give an example of anime that successfully masks its clumsy script with shear power of visual and auditory achievement, The Garden of Sinners: Overlooking View will probably be the first that comes to mind.

One may correctly presume that it’s because of the nature of the story itself that makes this first movie seems so disjointed. What I’m trying to say is that Overlooking View is telling a standalone story without properly introduce itself to the viewers. The anime presents itself bluntly and jumps to the events of this episode about the serial suicide immediately. It does not give much attention to the leading characters, Shiki, but instead lets the viewers be puzzled by her supernatural qualities. As much as I like dialogue-driven anime, I feel that the dialogue is too convoluted but it does trigger my curiosity enough to make me want to continue with the series.

Honestly, the anime does a good job in creating the horror and suspense by slowly revealing the death of each victims and finally leading the viewers to the creepy vacant building where spirits float around. Art direction and animation are obviously the heart and soul of this anime. It is a visual feast with incredible details and fluidity. The original score is haunting and beautiful which matches well with my personal taste in music.

Conclusion: As a standalone episode, the anime is emotionally powerful but a little too puzzling and inconclusive. Nevertheless, Overlooking View definitely works better as a part of the bigger series. It is visually stunning and it makes me want to see more.

Rating: B


Title: Kara no Kyokai: Overlooking View
Genre: horror, supernatural, action, romance
Release date: December 1, 2007
Running Time: 48 minutes
Director: Ei Aoki
Animated by: ufotable

11 responses to “Kara no Kyokai: The Garden of Sinners: Short anime review part 1/7 – Overlooking View

  1. I love all the seven movies. #2, #5 and #7 are my favorite though.

  2. I will echo klux, who forced me at knifepoint to watch these movies.

    They are awesome as awesomeness. I like the same one’s that she does….2 and 7 go together, and 5 kicks ass. Personally, I found 3 to be really good too.

  3. When I first watched this, I was immediately captivated by the visuals and the soundtrack instantly. While I agree that the story is a bit disjointed, I appreciated that about Kara no Kyoukai. It added to the subtle mystery flavor the movies were going for.

    • Creating unique atmosphere is something few anime can achieve. That alone is more than worth it. And it keeps getting better…oh, I should not be talking about other episodes since I’ll publish it in the following posts.

  4. Overall this is a very enjoyable movie(s). The pacing of the story, the tension of various scenes, and the semi-combative relationship of the characters, all serve to raise this above the often substandard fare around. The fact that the series is being done as individual movies is also a plus, as each story arc is completed within a nice timeframe. The movie may be a little predictable, but as a first offering it was very impressive nonetheless.

    • Yes it was impressive…but predictable? I didn’t have that feeling when I watched it. Or was it just me who did not think far ahead? -_-

  5. Kara no Kyoukai is definitely a kind of movie that you enjoy more and more with every next episode. At first I was like ‘Meh..’ now I’m like ‘Awsum!’, I suppose I watched 5.

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