Flying across the country just to see Cheshire Cat…in 3D!

No, this post contains nothing related to anime. It’s about movies and how far a fool like me is willing to go for them. And it’s about the unfair distribution of movies to cinemas. People outside the capital do not deserve any luxury of award winning movies, thoughtful movies, independent movies and movies with low financial potentials. It’s business. It’s monopoly. It’s a shameful discrimination. It’s just me ranting about things.

The 3D Cheshire Cat

On Friday, I got off work and realized I had a 7 days break. It was the last vacation that would be granted to me this year. What did I do? I packed my bag, grabbed my laptop and flew across the country to Bangkok, the capital city where you could find anything that any super hi-tech capital has including the digital IMAX screen. Avatar has just left and now Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland dominates most of the screens. So it was decided, I went for Alice…in IMAX 3D.

It was no Avatar but it was great nevertheless. The sight, the sound and the experience were simply fantastic. Alas, it’s all about the facility not the movie itself. Surely not Burton’s best work, Alice in Wonderland reluctantly stands between being a remake and a sequel. So many things are lifted right out of the book but the main plot tries to be a sequel by giving us a 20 years old Alice. It’s quite awkward. And what’s the matter with the ending? Is there a written rule anywhere stating that every fantasy flick must end with epic battle scene? Well, if it is really that necessary then it should give the viewers a battle half as good as Narnia’s or The Rings’ trilogy’s.

The most impressive element of the movie lies in the actors who act so well with incredible power and, especially, insanity. Personally I find myself falling in love with the Cheshire Cat. There is no thoughtful reason other than that the cat is so adorable. I love the way he moves through the air as if he is swimming in invisible water. Oh, look how lovely he is when he vaporizes! Now you know that I am a cat person.

The only place I can watch The Hurt Locker and Up in the Air

Online download is simply out of the question for these two movies because they are both multiple award winning movies and I need to experience them to the fullest. The problem is that none of them are shown in the local cinemas in my town. In fact, there’s only ONE cinema in the entire country showing them. It was the biggest, newest and most expensive cinema to date. So since I had come all the way here, I managed to catch them both yesterday.

I’m enraged about all this business thing. The cinemas are run by those who love money, not movies. Small, independent or award winning movies are always considered to be risky investments. They think no one wants to see these movies, that most people are too stupid and live in caves, that people only watch blockbusters and comedy and horror. This is a direct insult to the viewers’ intelligence, a disturbing discrimination. Well, the bottom line is that I am angry because I shouldn’t have to go through all these troubles just to watch these movies.

Just a note; I absolutely love Up in the Air. It’s funny and intelligent with incredible depth. But I don’t really adore The Hurt Locker. Of course it’s a brilliant war movie but to me, it’s just ‘ANOTHER brilliant war movie’ and it won’t be the last. So, just take your, albeit well deserved, Oscars and get out of my sight! I’ve had enough war movies!

16 responses to “Flying across the country just to see Cheshire Cat…in 3D!

  1. The cheshire cat is blue… and in my opinion that’s creepy >_>;;

  2. Guess I’m gonna watch it, how was Depp and Mrs. Lovett btw? I’m looking forward to it especially because of these two.

  3. I am definitely watching Alice in 3D as well, and I am going to watch in theatres. I rarely go to the movies and usually just download whatever, but this is one movie I want to enjoy the full experience.
    After reading your thoughts though, I guess I should not get hopes up too much.
    Up in the Air is a wonderful intricate movie. The Hurt Locker is… Well I’m not into war movies.
    I really hope The Hurt Locker does not win best picture. I’d rather see Inglourious Basterds for that.
    Anyways, it really is kind of enraging to have to fly just to see certain movies in cinema. :(

    • With my cheeks stained with dried tears, I have to tell you that The Hurt Locker has just won Best Picture from the Oscars. I would have chosen Avatar, followed by Bastards, Up and Up in the Air. T_T

  4. As any industry expands, it begins to be overtaken by those who are commercially inclined than those who actually enjoy the trade. It’s why it’ll even manage to expand in the first place… Another one of those sad truths.
    Flying just to see this in imax 3D – I’d have been much more pissed off about it afterwards than you are ^^;

    Luckily I entered expecting a crappy narrative and some brilliant visuals, which was exactly what I got, so that’s probably why I can still look at it with a relatively light heart.

  5. I was REALLY looking forward to this movie. But when I saw a rating of 53% on Rotten Tomatoes the enthusiasm kind of left me. Coraline is still (to date) my only experience with a 3-D movie in normal theaters. But it was SO AMAZING to have a movie that was both gorgeous and entertaining. I’m happy it was my first 3-D exxperience of that kind.

  6. Wowwww!!! That’s friggin crazy!!!! Lol, I remember when I drove all around the state looking for a game called Guilty Gear XX only to find a used one for 40 bucks…-_-” not really anywhere near your level of dedication but jeez, it was annoying.

    Ah, another random story: when I was 12 or 13, my mom gave me the impression the iMax theatre wrapped ALL the way around you in 360 degree way or at least 180….it wasn’t lol. And during the whole movie, I was pissed because it had only seemed like a slightly bigger screen and plus it was a movie about Michael Jordan, which I wasn’t in the mood to see at the time lol. Yeah, I’m weird aren’t I?

    • I know that was crazy. That’s why beside Alice, Hurt Locker and Up in the Air, I plan to empty my wallet before returning home for luxurious seats watching The Green Zone and Daybreakers o_O

      You were talking about that movie which Jordan played with looney toons characters, right? If so, then you were not weird at all :)

  7. “flew across the country to Bangkok”

    Wait! Where are you from again? o.0!!

    I envy you guys…
    Have yet to experience 3-D theatres myself.. :(

    • Well it’s not just 3D…it’s IMAX 3D!!!!! (laughing like a mad guy)

      Where do I live? My house locates just between two mountains, beside small stream in the heart of rain forest. Of course, there’s no tap water or electricity. I have to walk for miles from home just to reach a river where I hire a boat to take me downstream to the nearest town. After two days ride on a cart, I’ll reach another bigger town. Then I catch a bus that will take me to a city that has an airport. I get on the plane and fly to Bangkok. So basically I live somewhere in the greenish area of the map, north of Thailand. (That was fun!)

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