Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Purezza: anime review – predictably disastrous

Review: What is worse than failing to create a sequel that lives up to the high quality original? The answer is failing to create at least a decent sequel to the original that is already borderline garbage. Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu Purezza is such a case.

The first season manages to gain my love because of the well established and adorable leading couples, Haruka and Yuto. Their chemistry is the only thing that makes the anime enchanting and the less than substantial plot bearable. It’s a shame, really, that the creators of this latest installment do not know this fact and simply settle for a fan service infested show and leave the chemistry between Haruka and Yuto in the dark.

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu Purezza’s plot is quite hard to summarize. It contains all the familiar faces from the first season but seems to loose focus on the main storyline about Haruka and Yuto. Each episode covers wide range of different, unrelated stories like the maid party episode, Yuto’s part time job as a butler or Yuto vs. Shiina episode. For most these episodes, Haruka is left out of the picture.

To put things simply; the first season is about Yuto and Haruka falling in love and nurturing their relationship, the second season is basically about Yuto getting serially abused (physically and sexually) by girls of various ages and statuses. Yuto is always pushed around and, innocently, lured into a girl’s plan to capture his heart with numerous means. He is not just a nice guy like in the first season. In this anime, he is also irritatingly passive and unforgivably foolish.

The relationship between Yuto and Haruka, which is what I anticipate the most, is completely stuck and underdeveloped. In every scene that Yuto and Haruka are together, they will look at each other awkwardly, stutter incoherent things, almost kiss but are interrupted by something predictable like a phone call or a knock on the door and then they will smile to each other and say the same thing like ‘I want to be with you’ for the thousandth times. The only thing that changes between episode is the place this series of repeated action occurs (the house, the park, the beach, the theme park etc.)

For me, fan service is welcomed as long as it does not disturb the flow of the story but in this anime, fan service scenes are randomly and inappropriately added throughout the show. These fan service are not related to the story and, often enough, makes the story illogical or downright pointless. For example, massage scenes or bath scenes pop up out of the blue every now and then during the episodes that has nothing to do with massaging or bathing (the one who baths is there just to take a bath and nothing more).

All of these boring and disturbing things last for almost the entire series until the eleventh episode. In this episode, Haruka is tricked into joining the idol audition while Milan sings a song to encourage Yuuto to express his true feeling for Haruka. I thought ‘Thank goodness! At last something important actually happen!’ It was a last minute returns to the series I hade come to love.

Conclusion: With Haruka and Yuto’s relationship neglected, the show turns into a series of empty, fan service infested, and filler episodes. My advice; watch the first season and forget the second.
Rating: D

Title: Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Purezza
Genre: romance, comedy
Released date: October 6, 2009 – December 22, 2009
Episode: 12
Director: Munenori Nawa
Animated by: Studio Barcelona
Further reading: Glo recently wrote about this series with very colorful emphasis on the two main characters here

25 responses to “Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Purezza: anime review – predictably disastrous

  1. I thought that Yuuto’s ridiculous level of passivity was already present towards the end of the first season when he was unable to stand up to that aristobrat whose name I forget. But yeah, after that first season, I never bothered with this and it looks like I made the right decision here.

    • I got the feeling that the more I discuss about this series, the more foolish I look for laboring through all this mess of an anime (-_-)

  2. I loved the first season and the first….idk 3 episodes of this season. Then it became a steaming pile of poop, mainly for the reasons that you stated.

  3. is yet to watch this. according to Glo it’s a pile of poop so I am not too keen to watch it either

  4. I couldn’t finish the first season … got bored but this second season looks horrible.
    It’s something i really hate, doing a second season while ignoring the main characters of the first one.

  5. Which is exactly why I decided to skip out on this one. That was good intuition on my part. I absolutely hate indecisive, insensitive male leads – I mean, for as incapable of making a move as I am, even I’d so something when the situation smashes me in the face <.<
    The way you put this reminded me of Full Metal Panic's Fumoffu. That did not sit with me well at all either.

    • Oh, I just got Full Metal Panic Fumoffu last week. Now I’ll avoid it like a plague!
      (thank goodness I didn’t start watching it right away)

  6. “Yuto getting serially abused (physically and sexually) by girls of various ages and statuses. Yuto is always pushed around and, innocently, lured into a girl’s plan to capture his heart with numerous means. He is not just a nice guy like in the first season. In this anime, he is also irritatingly passive and unforgivably foolish.”

    Sounds like your standard boring harem with the boring, weak, no-personality male lead.
    It’s unfortunate that this is the trend many anime seems to eventually go. Glad I never intended to watch this. ^ ^

    • Harem anime is not really my cup of tea unless it is extremely popular or universally praised. I sincerely didn’t mean to generalize the whole genre, I just attack this series specifically :)

  7. I’ve decided not to watch this anime after watching 1st ep. Sorry Mami Noto, I didn’t watch Nogizaka Haruka!!

  8. Needless to say, this second season of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu was a complete trainwreck and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone expecting a decent romance anime. And if you’re in it for the ecchi, there are also better picks than this one. Thusly, we’re left with a series that is simply bad and useless. With competent writing, this story could’ve been told well within 12 episodes, instead of dragging on for 24+, considering that the manga isn’t even finished and that a third season is hinted after the horrible ending.

    The first season of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu (Nogizaka Haruka’s Secret) was a quite enjoyable little romance anime.

    • For me, the second season did nothing to add on what the first had already given. It was a waste of time. I will surely avoid the third season like a plague if it ever got made.
      Thanks for your visit! ^_^

      • no problem ,
        if there was a third season then for sure my expections will be dead bottom. if you look at it, the way season 1 ended didnt show any signs of having a second one.

        oh well ^^ still love haruka

  9. i share the same feeling with u…purezza totally disappoint me…somehow its awful..its kinda same as gundam seed destiny…

  10. Piroca de Fantasma é Geladinha

    I liked the second series quite a lot. Himemiya Miran was quite a nice surprise. Loved her.

  11. Eiji Katsumataku

    I enjoyed both seasons of this show……..personally I don’t understand the comments against the second season i thought it was quite enjoyable (イムは、別のシーズンを楽しみにして)

  12. Well , Purezza is really a very disappointing , Haruka plays lesser role while the other antagonist appears a lot , it kinda stinks the air , hopefully the third season gives more role to Haruka and more improvement to Ayase

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