Special Post: Dear Minister, please do everyone a favor and kill yourself!

Since I’ve been talking a lot about freedom in my previous post, I’d like to share some local event of my country, which is also related to the same theme, with you. Last month the ICT (Ministry of Information and Communication Technology of Thailand) announced that they would have all the internet providers in the country install the ‘Sniffer’ at their internet gateways. Sniffer would monitor and report all data traveling through the gateways to the ICT.

What they said:

The ICT wanted to eradicate all illegal file sharing and content piracy once and for all. They gave us their word that the netizen’s personal data would be kept safe.

Here is the interesting fact:

Just last year, the ICT homepage had been hacked and the culprit is still at large. And they dared promising the safety of every people’s personal data?! Seriously?!

This is what it all means:

The ICT was either very evil or unforgivably stupid. Collecting everybody’s personal data just to catch a few bad guys is simply outrageous. Didn’t they know anything about human rights to privacy? It was like letting some strangers read all your mails before delivering to your house. It’s like letting the cops install security camera in your bath room. If Sniffer were put to real use, then THEY WOULD BE THE BAD GUYS!

a poster against Sniffer circulating around the local blogsphere

What happens around the net:

There is overwhelming rage in the Thai online community. ThaiNoSniff movement begins and anyone who is opposed to this Sniffer idea may make a stand by putting ‘#ThaiNoSniff’ on his/her social network place like Twitter or Facebook.

A few words from me:

Dear the minister of ICT, please do everyone a favor and throw yourself from a fifty story building or just shoot yourself in the head!

Thanks a lot for reading all the way through. I’m sure that most of you, my readers, have nothing to do with this problem but I just want to share it with you as a friend. You know, such things like freedom, human rights and privacy are extremely valuable and they are easily taken away if you’re not careful.

Image source: http://champ.exteen.com/20100121/baby-don-t-sniff

20 responses to “Special Post: Dear Minister, please do everyone a favor and kill yourself!

  1. I have to wonder what the point even is of all this. What does this particular ministry or the government of Thailand in general have to gain from this? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I imagine that most of the copyrighted material being transferred online is not of Thai origin since the web is global. Not to be country-centric, but most of what I see pirated around the world is content of US origin like software and Hollywood movies. So if they’re not defending domestic companies, why take such draconian measures? And especially given their proven lack of security.

    How does this mix with legal protections on privacy in Thailand? I hope it can be remedied with legal decisions, or barring that enough citizen anger to change the policy. And as a last resort, hopefully there are technical ways to get around this.

    • It’s true that large portion of online piracy comes from foreign countries but there are also lots of local movies and musics being shared illegally, including lots of site or even personal blog that trade pirated items via email.

      But then again, going so far for such small matters makes me believe that the ICT have other devilish agenda in mind. And yes, there’s laws on privacy that will definite brings these people to court if they are really using the Sniffer.

  2. “Just last year, the ICT homepage had been hacked and the culprit is still at large.”

    Hehe, I speculate the political irony we wade in is enough to drown us, and we normally only suspect it’s knee deep. Whether or not justice should be humanitarian is an age old debate; one I personally don’t think I can really contribute to.

    Well, running every single piece of data through a fine comb isn’t a new strategy, but it must mean they’re out of ideas.

    • They are out of idea or simply are aiming for something but they didn’t want to tell us. I don’t know. But one thing I’m certain of; the ICT can never handle such large amount of vital personal data. It’s just too risky and how can I trust them when they simply ignore everybody’s privacy in this matter?

      Thanks for sharing, btw :)

  3. do something to kill them :D

  4. I see a lot of stupid ideas and laws to fight piracy on internet.
    France already voted one and i just saw last Week my country had a proposition on the table too.
    Which reassure me a bit is that the politics here are sooooo slow, dumb, too busy to fight each other, stuck in financial scandals to reasonably develop a law to it’s completion.
    Well at least i hope so :/
    I don’t agree to sacrifice my privacy just for stopping a few pirates. No way, ever.

    • It’d be slow here in my home, too. I only wish that the whole proposition is just flight of idea of a few people.
      They were supposed to work to protect innocent people (that’s us, right?) not ignore us and let us fight for our most basic human rights on our own.

  5. I would be pissed if Malaysia decides to do something similar. They are already monitoring the facebook >_>

  6. I tinks that To Aru Hacker should hack these sniffers or at least an outsider(s) from some far off country to avoid being captured should hack the ICT again and destroy their computers and leave them with frozen computer screens all saying some kind of scary or just unnerving message on the screens. Like a picture of porn with a line. I’ll stop there before I get murdered by co-op Thai military members.

  7. I’m glad I don’t have to worry about this problem right now in the US. I think it’s kind of ridiculous to have these sniffers. That’s just way too much invasion of privacy by the government.

    “They gave us their word that the netizen’s personal data would be kept safe.”

    It’s not even about the security of personal data. It’s the fact that those data are being kept that’s wrong.

    Well, all I can say is, best of luck.

    • You are absolutely right! The good news is that this project hasn’t progressed much and lots of people are expressing objections and the rumor says that the idea might get trashed.
      Thank you for your concern ^_^

  8. That shit is FUCKED UP. If anything like this happens in the US then I will do absolutely NOTHING ABOUT IT.

    Hopefully the whole thing gets thrown in the trash heap and your Prime Minister makes up for his mistakes by buying everyone ice cream. Now that’s what I’d call a sticky situation!

    • Ice cream would be a nice deal and would definitely calm me down a bit. I, too, hope they would throw the idea away soon or there’d probably be a real commotion :)

  9. WTF – why not just have someone go through your garbage while they are at it. This is just retarded and makes Orson Welles book 1984 seem real all over again. They better not start this BS in the US.

    I hope when they “sniff” the Prime Minsters internet, they will find kiddie porn being downloaded.

    • LOL, all they have to do is think about how they would feel (and what would be found out in the process), if they were sniffed. Somebody has been too busy watching kiddie porn and forget to do some proper thinking, I guess ;)

  10. Found my way to your blog through 2DT’s blog.

    Wow, this sounds bad. I hope there’s some way you guys can protect yourself against this invasion of privacy. I love that they themselves were hacked, yet they’re assuring everyone in your country that their personal info. will be kept safe(!).

    Good luck with this.

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