Comedy: anime review – give me the book and I’ll give you blood

Review: What did I gain from this ten minutes long anime? Of course it’s not something I would expect to get from regular anime series like witty dialogue, complex character development, exciting animation or innovative ideas. It’s something much simpler and more subjective than those things. It’s the feeling you get when you sit back, relax, close your eyes and listen to a piece of classical music; it’s pure, simple joy.

Comedy is the story of a girl whose village is about to be attacked by an invading army. One day she takes a book from her home and runs into the forest looking for the legendary Dark Swordsman. She intends to give to book to him and hope that he will help save her village in return.

At first glance, Comedy is unnaturally pale. Not only does the lack in color make the anime look and feel different, it also subtly represents the timeline of the story; Comedy is a distant memory of a girl. A fond and fantastic yet threatening memory she cannot share with anyone. For the music, Comedy cleverly uses Franz Schubert’s Ave Maria which is amazingly compatible with the anime’s look and feel. The use of classical music for the show strongly reminds me of another short anime ‘Magnetic Rose’ released under the title ‘Memories’.

Comedy leaves a great deal of details surrounding the quiet and secretive Dark Swordsman unexplored to a surprising impact. The unknown, in this case, leads to the anime’s mystical and dream-like atmosphere. It’s like listening to a bedtime story. You don’t mind if it is a lie, you let the story fly you away. Aside from the aesthetic merits, Comedy provides one simple yet important take home message; peace and books are invaluable treasure. In this anime, the human soldiers are the villains raiding and destroying the peaceful life of a little girl. The human cares only about blood and war. The girl tries to save her village by asking a mysterious Dark Swordsman for help. Similar to the girl, the Swordsman cherishes peaceful life and he spends his days reading books on tree branches and sipping tea. The reason he unsheathe his sword is because the girl offers her book as a payment. Ironically, the ones who see the true value of peace and books are a child and a monster, not human adults.

Comedy is a piece of art with incredible accessibility. Whether you like anime or music, you can surely enjoy it. I cannot think of any better way to spend ten minutes of you free time. This anime is a must watch, by all means.
Rating: A

Title: Comedy
Genre: fantasy, musical
Released date: February 5, 2002
Running Time: 11 minutes
Director: Kazuto Nakazawa
Animated by: Studio 4C

24 responses to “Comedy: anime review – give me the book and I’ll give you blood

  1. the name of the anime is Comedy?

  2. Simplicity is great to have at times. Where only the execution and a unique art form is spotlighted; it’s especially commendable when they can do it in so short a time.
    That, and classical music always tickles me the right way.

  3. Simple, yet beautifully executed story that really has a strong impact through the visuals. Definitely have to agree that it carries that dream-like quality to it very well and makes for a nice and complete short story.. of sorts I guess.

    • The visual really makes the whole thing looks like a memory or a dream. I think it is complete as a short story. With longer run time, it’d be different story.

  4. Seems like something I can sit back, enjoy for several minutes, and really be immersed in another fantastic dreamy world.

    Thanks for the intro and review.

  5. Kigeki is amazing. I think it’s probably one of the most tonal anime series ever made, and I’d call it the ‘most gothic’ were it not for Le Portrait de Petit Cossette

  6. if only it was a little longer…

  7. “Whether you like anime or music, you can surely enjoy it.”
    Sealed the deal.

    On my list, give me a week and I’ll respond! :p
    Thanks for the recommend.

  8. wow,I will try this anime…

  9. Never heard of it until now, I’ll give it a try eventually.

  10. Uh, I am really happy to see a nice review and – ” Ironically, the ones who see the true value of peace and books are a child and a monster, not human adults. ”
    I gotta love you for this quote, epicness itself but yet, a true fact ^^

  11. I really enjoy watching this anime, and you had make a good review here.

    Thank you

  12. Actually, the title is “Sweat Punch” which has 5 OVAs or short stories. This one is Comedy or Kigeki, the 3rd OVA.

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