Graduation ceremony…I’d rather stay home watching anime and blogging

Though my blog has been around since late 2007, I’ve just fully emerged as an anime blogger last year and made lots of friends around the blogsphere. Since all of you are my friends, I feel like I’m obligated to share at least some aspect of my personal life with you. Forgive me (again) for this near filler post. I just need to rant a bit about next week because it will be my graduation ceremony and all hell will break loose.

I’m not familiar with other countries’ ceremony but in my country, graduation is a circus, only with less colorful costume. Everyone sees it as something extremely special, almost like a lifetime achievement, as if the hardest part of life is over and from now on you don’t have to struggle or, worse, learn anything any more.

Three full days before the ceremony, I have to go practice receiving that piece of paper…THREE DAYS FROM SUNRISE TO SUNSET! And on the ceremony day, I can’t bring anything sharp or made of metal inside, including all electronic devices (so where am I suppose to keep my car keys?). I have to be there before sunrise and wait till near afternoon before the ceremony starts. Guess what, no going to the toilet!

What’s more, during this time, I have to join so many social activities like parties with friends at night and with junior students from my university. And don’t get me started on the meeting with all the relatives and family friends who I hardly ever talked to.

This is all I want.

Of course, there are plenty of more optimistic ways to view all these annoying events (and apparently everybody does so). I think it all comes down to the fact that I hate social activities and that I’m extremely introvert and, at times, can be very pessimistic. For me, graduation ceremony is just a symbol, a minor land mark in life. It’s not the happy ending but the beginning of a real life which may turn out to be a nightmare.

I’m doing this for my parents and for keeping everyone from learning about the real me that has been perfectly hidden all this time. I’ll go meet everyone with a smiling face, take lots of photos, talk about the future or the past but deep inside, all I want is to spend my free time quietly at home, blogging and watching anime. I’m glad I can share all this with you and hope you are not annoyed.

Note 1: Just in case you are curious, I’m graduating from a school of medicine and will start my specialty training this April. Speaking of nightmare…
Note 2: Hold on! I’m not as old as you think! In my country, I don’t need a bachelor degree before studying medicine.
Note 3: Don’t worry; despite the busy schedule, I have already prepared a post for next week.

46 responses to “Graduation ceremony…I’d rather stay home watching anime and blogging

  1. I guess it’s a rite of passage sorta deal. I’m not too big on graduation ceremonies myself and it’s more of an excuse for my relatives to get together, and that’s not really a bad thing.

    • What really bothers me is that I can’t say no to the whole thing. Though I’d have participated even if I had a choice, it’s different when I am forced to do so.

  2. I never went to mine :P I don’t think I could handle all that socializing LOL
    GL and congrats :)

    • Thanks! I’m just not good at socializing with others and since I didn’t make 2010 new year resolution, I’m not obligated to change anything about myself X_X

  3. Oh good job! I missed my graduation this past December, lol.

    Sounds like a lot of fun though it would get tiring. >_>

  4. Congratulation on graduating I guess and welcome to adulthood XD

  5. Congratulations on graduating, especially from med school… but you are going back for more afterwards, so I guess you are not quite free yet lol.

    I’m looking forward to my graduation this May. I’m not a big fan of social events and crowds either, but it is kind of a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

    • Thank you! Despite going back to school, I’ll always find myself some free time like I’ve been doing all these years.
      So you are graduating as well, congratz in advance :)

  6. Oh man, I know the feeling of just wanting to stay home. Lately, I’ve had a hard time finding the motivation to care about anything without forcing myself. As for medicine, it’s a passion filled field. It’s tough, unforgiving and will give you hard edges but not entirely thankless. I hope you end up loving whatever it is that you do for your career.

    • I do love medicine and my training coming up this year will go hand in hand with working for the med school hospital. I got extremely tired just by talking about work (sigh). I’m just that lazy :)

  7. Medicine! No wonder you never have enough time.

    Congrats on your graduation. “specialty training” doesn’t sound like something I would look forward too though. Lol. Then again, it’s the next stage most would have to go through.

    I actually went through my graduation photos after reading your post. Now I know why I didn’t smile at all in the pictures. Lol…

    Probably because it was a fuss too.

    • Exactly, I never have enough time but part of my life is here as anime blogger and I’m not giving it up! (serious face)

      Umm, I never actually thought of you as post-grad but that doesn’t matter cause we are here as anime fans and I perceive you through your anime blog(I’m not making any sense here, I know). Anyway, thank you for your support!

      • “part of my life is here as anime blogger and I’m not giving it up!” – Well said!

        Although now I’m really curious as to whether my writings sound immature. Seeing how you didn’t expect me to be a post-grad. Lol… :p

      • @blur – No, no, no. It’s not your writing. It’s the feeling I usually get when reading your post. It was sometimes wild and fearless and even easy going (that’s a complement) ^_^

  8. Wow that’s sound boring to me lol Fortunately we don’t have this kind of event where i live and god i’m glad we don’t !
    I hate social activities as much as you do and if i had to do something like this in the past i would’ve been really bored.

    And speaking of family nightmares … i’m so happy to avoid such a pain.

    It’s very cool you graduate though ^^ Congratulations !!!!

  9. What’s ‘social’ ? It sounds dangerous!

    Indeed every country has its own events that just make us DREAM about getting outta there, hey, that’s why I stopped going to the church and avoiding family gatherings like a fire!

    I think it’s just some kind of a standard for us, anime fans, to have different look on things. While others find joy in boring events, we, on the other hand, know that we can spend that time watching something we like to enrich our personalities and have fun.

    Conclusion? Going out with friends – sure, doing stuff people want you to do because THEY consider it special and you don’t – Screw you, I don’t make you watch my anime.

    Hold on in there Canne x3

    • ‘…a standard for us, anime fans, to have different look on things.’ Nicely said!
      When I come to think of it, anime often take us beyond reality, beyond what’s impossible. Maybe that’s why real life is sometimes boring to us.

  10. Well congrats on graduating, but sorry you are being forced to participate in an event you don’t want to.

    One thing I noticed about moving here from England is just how much of a big deal graduation is. Hell school seems to be a huge deal in the U.S and not in an academic way. (Not that I’m saying this country doesn’t care about the academic side of it.)

    But you always hear about what a big deal Prom is over here and in England we don’t really have them. The social aspect of school that seems so huge here just doesn’t exist in England.

    When I graduated from University my parents and my grandmother were there, that was it. I dressed in my gown, got my diploma and we headed home, it really wasn’t that much of a big deal.

    Maybe that is partly why I, like you am not so comfortable in big social situations. Because it isn’t something that is normal for me.

    Not only because of the lack of emphasis on that kind of thing in our schools, but because I was pretty sheltered growing up. Indian mothers are pretty damn strict! Though I did get to live a little more than my cousins since my dad is white.

    Not that I would say I am that way because its stereotypical for us British to be that way. Because in a lot of ways I actually find this country is more prudish than my homeland.

    Particularly when it comes to media and censorship. I’m used to deciding on my own whether or not something is too offensive for t.v, not having someone decide for me that my sensibilities are too fragile to hear the f-bomb.

    Man I really went off on a tangent there! Anyway as a fellow introvert who spent most of her teenage years reading books, watching sci fi shows and playing video games i.e shying away from human interaction. I totally understand!

    • Thank you for sharing your experience. I’d really like to have a very simple, modest and brief graduation ceremony like yours. I suppose there are big difference between cultures regarding school and university. In my country, there’s no Prom either. I don’t recall any special events at all when I finished my high school. But, obviously, graduating from a university is a very big deal here. You know, after discussing and sharing and reading all the responses from you and fellow bloggers, I feel much better :)

  11. I remember joining a school event once, in the end it was only about booze and getting drunk. :/ Not my idea of an enjoyable moment ^^
    I went to a prom ball too, i liked to be nicely dressed and all but, in the end : booze and lame music…

    My school sucked at this so hard looooool

    There was no real ceremony in the end fortunately :D Send my diploma by post, that was enough ^^

    • If my events were like that, I could just sneak out whenever I want…that makes your school event sound more appealing, though not really more substantial ;)

  12. Holy crap, that much practicing?

    yes, that’s also what I normally want to do, deep down. Thing’s have gotten better now that I managed to stake out on my own, less family/social matters to attend to >.>

    I hope my graduation ceremony won’t be like that -o-”

    school of medicine is impressive. hang in there. School is synonymous to wading through crap. Remember, if the world didn’t suck, we wouldn’t be standing on it. /shamelesstwitterjokeplug

    • Those crappy, mindless practicing is the real reason of my frustration (and I end up conjuring a post about it)
      ‘if the world didn’t suck, we wouldn’t be standing on it.’ LOL, awesome!

  13. Congratulations. The pain starts now… But then again, so do all the good and wonderful things, too.

  14. Yaaay congrats Canne! your graduating :D you go to med school?! omg I had no idea! you must be so smart! Specialty training.. sounds hard >< good luck with that :) I'm one of those people who see grad as something special xD beacuse everyone makes such a big fuss about it, especially my parents who usually don't care about me and + SCHOOL ENDS AND NO MORE HOMEWORK! haha you should be so proud of yourself :) I wish I can stay home and relax too and right now when I finally can.. guess what? my neighbors start partying and playing their music so LOUD, its not like oh a little party and some music..I can actually feel the vibrations in my house, to make matters worse, they turn their music loud every single day so far -_-

    • No, no, no, I’m not that smart. It’s all about never give up and hard working (which I often fail to do). But further training will be hard and I’ll definitely need luck :P

      About your neighbors; call the police!

  15. I’ve never been fond of Graduation ceremonies either. The speeches are way too long. Most people receiving their diploma I could care less about. The whole deal is dragged out, annoying, and frankly, exhausting.

    Still, it is sort of a rite of passage.
    And Congratulation!!! Good luck with a career in medicine.

    Anyway, I’m also a rather antisocial person as well. ^ ^

  16. Thank you for sharing your experience, Canne :) Congratulations on your graduation! :D

    Oh wow, this graduation ceremony is so strict! It sounds like some kind of a religious ritual! D: Waiting for such a long time must be quite inconvenient :(

    I felt somewhat similar to you (I don’t like all these social activities), but, although graduation is only a small part of life, it is important to pause and think of what you have achieved. Not all people have this opportunity.

    Indeed, it is a beginning, but, if you love your profession and find a position with a good environment, you’ll enjoy it :) In general, I find work much easier and fun than school because you are doing what you like and getting paid for it, rather than studying during the day AND night things that are not always useful.

    You keep mentioning that the real life might turn out to be a nightmare. It certainly can, especially during the first year or two (the first year of Internal Medicine residency in the US is quite intense), but after a few years you’ll have a more reasonable schedule (at least I hope so – don’t know your specialty).

    Moreover, a physician is a fascinating and rewarding profession: you’ll be making a difference in the lives of people everyday :) Even if you get tired of clinical part at some point, you can always turn to research ( we might even collaborate at some point :P I have some collaborators in Thailand now :) )

    I wish you good luck in your career! :)

    • You know, you actually scared me for a moment because your guess about my specialty was correct.
      Oh, I don’t think it would really be a nightmare. I was a bit carried away by the strong emotion when writing the post and thank you for your kind words (I need those, more than you think!).
      BTW, so your work is related to research? I really want to know, if you don’t mind, of course ^_^

  17. Lol. No worries. Was fooling around. Thanks for the description.

    “Wild and fearless!”
    – I’m feeling so GAR right now. Lol…

  18. Why do I feel like I’ve seen this post before…? But haven’t commented…? Jeez, friggin twilight zone in here….anyways, I hear you (or rather, heard you) hahah. I’m in college now, but I hope everything goes relatively well.

  19. lol, you just replied right before I did! Lol

  20. Graduating from university is kind of a big deal, you know. And here I thought you might’ve been talking about high school – I know I skipped mine. 3 days to practice for the ceremony though, that is a bit much.

  21. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  22. I went to my high school graduation and my undergraduate college one. I’m getting my Master’s degree this year, but you can be sure I’m not going to the ceremony, I have no desire to watch 2,000 people walk across the stage just to walk across myself. If you’ve been to one ceremony you’ve been to them all.

    Hell I’m not even sure where my high school diploma is now that you mention it…

  23. Graduation blows. I’ve got a graduation coming up in few months. I’d skip it, but my parents insist on coming down to watch it. They’re the ones paying for the degree, so I can’t say no. First, they’re going to judge my apartment. I’ll have to clean up everything and throw out all the crap I don’t want them to see. Then I’ll have to sleep on the floor since I don’t have a spare bed. Maybe I should give them the wrong address or something.

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