X (TV series): anime review

Title: X (TV series)
Genre: action, supernatural, fantasy
Released date: October 3, 2001 – March 27, 2002
Episode: 26
Director: Yoshiaki Kawajiri
Animated by: Madhouse Studio
Comment: This one is much better than the 1996 movie adaptation. X is an epic about the judgment day driven mainly by its characters. Kamui and Fuma’s story arc forms the main plot. The story starts when Kamui returns to Tokyo after his mother died in the fire leaving a final message telling him that his destiny awaits him. In Tokyo, he reunites with his childhood friends, Fuma and Kotori. Kamui’s return also attracts other powerful people who are destined to participate in the war which will decide the fate of the Earth. The fourteen supporting characters, The Seals and The minion, all have their own subplots that drive the series forward.

Personally, I think the stories of the supporting characters are sometimes more interesting than the main theme especially Arashi/Sorata’s story arc which instantly puts Arashi straight into my top five favorite female anime character list. Another story arc worth noting is Subaru/Seishiro’s. Both of them are also the leading characters from Tokyo Babylon series and their stories come to the mind-blowing conclusion in X series.

The anime extensively discusses the meaning and worthlessness of human’s existence on Earth and it also contains strong environmental theme. But the most prominent theme of X is, like most of CLAMP’s stories, the love that is the force behind every human’s actions that can either save the world or destroy every thing. The anime’s visuals are quite good, the action sequences are fun and fast but certain action sequences are reused too frequently like the shot that Arashi conjures sword from her palm or when Yuzuriha transforms Inuki into sword. What’s most satisfying is the rich details of each character which is well translated into the anime. The drama and action in the anime are well balanced to satisfied both male and female viewers. Although it gets a bit slow in the middle of the series, the last 6 episodes are simply amazing with the main plot and all the subplots finally reach the end. Conclusion: X TV is an impressive adaptation of CLAMP’s work that will surely please all of the fans.

Rating: B+

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