Doraemon: Nobita’s New Great Adventure into the Underworld – The Seven Magic Users : anime review

Title:Doraemon: Nobita’s New Great Adventure into the Underworld – The Seven Magic Users
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-fi
Released date: March 10, 2007
Running Time: 112 minutes
Director: Yukiyo Teramoto
Comment: Doraemon the movie 2007 is a remake of 1984 movie. Similar to the 2006 movie remake, it tells the exact same story of the original with some additional minor details. That is the right thing to do. This time the adventure begins in the world in which magic is commonly used but science is just myth. Nobita, Doraemon and friends join force with Miyoko and doctor Mangetsu to prevent the invasion of the demons.

Many scenes from the original movie are cut. The most significant is the adventure on the dark planet before Doraemon and friends reach the demon’s castle. But, fortunately, their absence does not have negative effect to the movie because they are replaced by new, although small, scenes which subtly add depths, humor, excitement and even new twist to the story. I especially like two newly added details; the story of Miyoko’s mother which successfully adds depth to Miyoko’s character and also leads to a totally unexpected revelation at the end and the scene in which Doraemon returns to the future that helps explain the miraculous appearance of Doraemi later in the story (in the original movie, Doraemi simply shows up out of the blue).

The animation is a feast to the eyes. It looks mostly the same but it is more fluid and refreshing. Before I saw this movie, I never thought that a remake could be better than the original (unless the original was a disaster). This movie changed my thought. I am a long time fan of Doraemon and this movie left me in a brief euphoric state after it ended.

Rating: A

3 responses to “Doraemon: Nobita’s New Great Adventure into the Underworld – The Seven Magic Users : anime review

  1. Another great review! I thought it was a great movie despite it being quite different from the book (haven’t watched the 1984 movie yet). One minor thing I liked about the remake was that Miyoko was turned into a mouse instead of immediately into a cat. It was funny (albeit a bit disturbing) seeing Doraemon go crazy over her cat form.

    • To be honest, I think my early reviews such as this one were not so well-written compared to my later works. But I am glad you read (even like) it. The movie added lots if welcoming things into the original, to which I am grateful. That mouse thing was funny :)

      ps. I assume you are a big fan of Doraemon which is great :)

      • I sure am a big fan of Doraemon. I’ve read the manga (counting the long stories), I’ve watched the anime (both the 1979 and 2005 ones and also counting the movies), and I loved every minute of it. I really wish the series was more well known in the USA.

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