Fullmetal alchemist: anime review

Title: Fullmetal alchemist
Genre: action, fantasy, sci-fi, drama
Released date: October 4, 2003 – October 2, 2004
Episode: 51
Director: Seiji Mizushima
Animated by: Studio Bones
Comment: Fullmetal alchemist is a journey of two alchemist brother, Edward and Alphonse Elric, on a quest to take back what they had lost when they committed the worst crime of trying to bring their dead mother back from death. Edward lost his arm and Alphonse would have lost his life if his older brother had not bound his soul to an empty armor.

In most of the series, each episode is a separate story with many new and recurring characters. The villains appears only briefly in early episodes to provide some obscure dialogues. It is not until very late in the series that things begin to fall into places. The mystery of Hohenheim, the tragic past of Scar, the origin of the Homunculus and the identity of Dante, the true antagonist, are revealed in the last few episodes and the anime kicks into the fast paced climax. Personally, I think this 51 episode long anime strays away from the main storyline too often and would have been a more solid anime if some unnecessary episodes and characters had been cut away. My guess is that, due to its huge success, the anime is spread so that it runs longer than the usual 26 episodes.

Nevertheless, Fullmetal alchemist has one exceptional quality that I rarely see in other anime. It can appeal to anyone from little children who only want to have fun to adults who prefer serious and thoughtful theme. The anime can be funny, thrilling, horrifying or touching in one episode. I am also impressed by the very imaginative ending about the parallel universe that connects the world of alchemy to ours and suddenly makes it more realistic. The animation quality is great to look at and the anime gives the viewers many good hidden messages concerning family, friendship, responsibility, greed and most importantly life and death. Conclusion: Fullmetal alchemist deserves all the success and praise given to it. I like it a lot but not entirely. The anime is like a big box full of candy, most of which taste good but some of them do not.
Rating: B

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