RahXephon: anime review

Title: RahXephon
Genre: mecha, sci-fi, drama, romance
Released date: January 2002 – September 2002
Episode: 26
Director: Yutaka Izubuchi
Animated by: Studio BONES
Comment: RahXephon had everything anyone would expect from a mecha anime; a cool looking mecha, villainous monsters, thrilling actions, secret organization with hidden agenda and psychologically complex characters including a good natured boy who was destined to save the world as the protagonist but the anime delivered them in quite unusual proportion.

Except in the final battle, the mecha actions which were usually the heart of the fun was small in number and short of details as if they were put in the anime just because they should be. So all the viewers would get was Kamina Ayato, Xephon’s pilot, slashed the Dolems with his saber or shot them and all would be over. Each Dolems were hardly different and no special techniques were needed to destroy them. Instead, more attention was paid on the people in the story. Their pasts, secrets, problems, feelings and their development were slowly, artfully and patiently revealed and this was RaXephon’s best part. The most prominent example of character development was Ayato’s who had been a normal school boy then he discovered that his mother was a Mulian, that Tokyo was actually under the Mulian’s control and the world he knew was an illusion. Later, he was rescued from Tokyo-Jupitor and had to learn to fit into the new society that he never knew it existed. And that was before he found out that he was a Mulian, the enemy of everyone around him, and that he was being used by Terra because he could pilot Xephon. What a psychic trauma!

Because of its lack of typical mecha action, RahXephon might not appeal to younger viewers but for more mature anime fans, the intense drama, the idea about ‘the world full of sounds’, the incredibly complex main plot and subplots that lead to a jaw-dropping truth behind the events and characters were impressive. I especially loved the subplot about Ayato and Haruka, so romantic! Conclusion: Rahxephon was another great anime series and a must see for anime fans. It got even better the second time I watched it.
Rating: A

One response to “RahXephon: anime review

  1. Shocked this has no comments, shame. Perhaps one of the greatest anime ever. The episode with Ayato and classmate in the hotel… was truly something special. (I’ve seen it listed in many categories for a best sci-fi/horror moments.. won’t say anymore as to avoid any additional spoilers)

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