Blood: The Last Vampire: anime review

Title: Blood: The Last Vampire
Genre: action, horror, supernatural
Released date: November 18, 2000
Running Time: 48 minutes
Director: Hiroyuki Kitakubo
Animated by: Production I.G, Aniplex
Comment: In this very short film, Saya, the Katana wielding vampire, hunted down monsters hiding in the US Air Base. That was literally all the story of this anime. It was vaguely hinted that Saya was the last vampire and working for the US government but no further information was revealed and throughout the movie Saya appeared to be plainly cold blooded killer. Other characters simply showed up and then were gone (killed or survived). Although the anime successfully created the dark and scary atmosphere and the fights between Saya and the monsters were thrilling and fun but I felt like the movie was only the action part of another complete film and I was so frustrated when it ended so abruptly. Conclusion: This anime had good art direction and animation and had few good moments but it lacked everything else including what really mattered like a decent story and characterization.
Rating: D+

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