Neon Genesis Evangelion (TV series): anime review

Title: Neon Genesis Evangelion (TV series)
Genre: mecha, sci-fi, drama
Released date: October 4, 1995 – March 27, 1996
Episodes: 26
Director: Hideaki Anno
Animated by: Gainax
Comment: The larger part of the series was typical crowd pleasers such as a teenage boy, Ikari Shinji, who was involuntarily chosen to pilot the Eva01, the invading monsters (angels) with various exotic powers and many exciting action sequences. But beneath these typical things was an incredibly dark and adult theme including internal conflicts, extreme violence, death, sex and many mentally disturbing events. The minds of the characters were the most distinctive component of the show. The best example was Ikari Shinji, the main protagonist, who suffered from depression, feeling of worthlessness, lack of self confidence and fear of making friends which made it impossible to call him the hero of the series. The other characters like Asuka Langley, Ayanami Rei, Ikari Gendo, Misato or Ritsuko were also mentally sick or had some personality disorder or had been through traumatic events in the past. The psychological (e.g. the hedgehog’s dilemma, mother is the first other) and religious concepts (e.g. Adam and Eve, Lance of Longinus, Lilith, the Tree of Life) were also very interesting and induced the viewers to interpret the anime further. The animation was topnotch and the soundtrack was great partly due to the extensive use of classical music. Conclusion: Neon Genesis Evangelion was a brilliant and intriguing anime whether you take it seriously or just want to be entertained.
Rating: A

5 responses to “Neon Genesis Evangelion (TV series): anime review

  1. sorry my bad English if they do not understand me but I had to say … you’re the worst critic so far I have seen or known, all your scores to be purely objective but only what is provided in your tastes .. . Evangelion series, is surely more mediocre series that is known … just give him a high value just because their nasty characters that are disgusting are sick in the head? characters are cliches, stereotypes and very flat over the entire protagonist Shinji Ikari is the worst thing that is given birth to the anime / manga.
    speak of the “complex” of the characters and the story … did you know that hidekki anno clarified that the Christian elements put the series just to make more “cool”? bone does not matter if adam, lilith, and whores is what we can understand the series without these symbols but you exalt like the most original in the world … for that addition to several other punctuation mediocre as you code geass as critical’m mediocre … the piscologia has nothing to do with the series that esoty sure you do not know the real story of the anime … a shame. will no longer tread this blog only gives a critical hurts so bad …

    • Thank you for the comment and though your English was not perfect, it was serviceable. I have to admit that this is one of my oldest posts and it was poorly written.

      I need to let you know that I am not a critics and my reviews were influenced by several factors including my emotions. With that said, I still think that you should not dismiss this anime like that. It made me feel that there’s no point discussing anything further with you.

      Good-bye forever now ;)

    • objectiveanon

      Other than the critics view, I could give you an objective review as to why Evangelion is one of the most grounbreaking, unconventional, ambitious, and arguably one of the most well written series of all time with nearly all the plot holes either filled in deep within in the show or in subsequent movies and DC’s. Your post is equally opinionated, and the show is only considered mediocre at worst due to the horrific ending which has been corrected ad nauseum. Don’t bash someone else’s opinion when you are being completely opinionated as well. and the characters are so far from cliche the fact that you say that shows lots of ignorance, if anything is considered good about evangelion it’s generally considered the characters, even more than the plot. Shinji is one of the most well developed and multi faceted characters in anime, this is not me misunderstanding, he may be the best truly ‘depressed’ character ever designed, with arguably the most realisitic view on a person with dysthimia, and as having it and knowing plenty that do, you wouldn’t question any of shinji’s actions or behaviors at all, as they are completely in line with that personality and problem. I’m not going to go on, eva is a polarizing show that has some terrific merits and some flaws (though I believe with End of Eva and DC episodes almost all of them have been corrected). At this point it’s your completely subjective opinion that shinji sucks, as most anime reviewers admit he’s a bold and well done character. Quit complaining about someone else’s opinion, you sound like a biggot.

  2. PD: Evangelion Sucks…end.

  3. objectiveanon

    on an interesting note about the religious aspects of the show, as unintentional as it may or may not be, with End of Evangelion patted on the end, the show follows a similarly close but not completely accurate telling of the end of days and coming of the messiah according more to the kabbalah than any christian text. Actually, most of the shows religious themes come straight from the kabbalah more than anything else, and I think a big mix up is people look at it as a christian view which not only is it not but extremely misplaced. Anno I guess was just digging for religious stuff and landed almost all his stuff in the Kabbalah, other than the crosses. Also i do agree this review is very poorly written but hey you were just starting and now your reviews are much better, maybe revisit eva with a more in depth review?

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