Wonderful Days: anime review

Title: Wonderful Days
Genre: sci-fi, action, romance
Released date: July 17, 2003
Running Time: 86 minutes
Director: Moon-saeng Kim
Comment: Wonderful Days was the first and only Korean animated feature I’ve watched so far. It’s clear that great effort and budget was put into making this anime. The background and the vehicles were all 3D and the characters were 2D. Both elements were smoothly combined and resulted in an eye popping experience. In contrast to the first-class visuals, the story offered nothing but what had been told several times before. The high-tech city that fed on pollution, slavery and a struggle for freedom, the leading character, Shua, who was an exile and now fighting against his own people, the love triangle (sounds awfully like some soap opera) that ended, predictably, in tragedy. I was annoyed by the plot because the anime with this level of technical achievement deserved a little more creative story. But don’t get me wrong. I did like this anime and I saw great potential in it. The plot, however out dated, was handled well and the drama was intense and the action was amazing. Conclusion: Wonderful Days was visually spectacular and the drama worked despite the fact that the story stayed in the area that had been plowed several times before by other sci-fi flicks.
Rating: B

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