Boogiepop Phantom: anime review

Title: Boogiepop Phantom
Genre: sci-fi, horror, mystery
Released date: 6 January 2000 – 22 March 2000
Episode: 12
Director: Takashi Watanabe
Animated by: Madhouse studio
Comment: I have never read the Boogiepop novels and I have no background knowledge about the series prior to watching the anime. So, the only thing that drove me to finish this series was sheer curiosity. Unfortunately, the anime started with the event called “Pillar of light” which was actually the end of a very long and complex story involving numerous incoherently explained characters such as Nagi Kirima, the Manticore, Echoes and the Boogiepop itself. The anime never bother to tell these back stories but instead told the stories that were the consequence of the pillar of light. So, the twelve episodes of Boogiepop Phantom were twelve separated stories with few recurring characters and overlapping events but none of them were directly related to each other and the main plot was literally absent.

Despite the lack of main theme, Boogiepop managed to keep me interested all the time with each passing episode which was strange, unique and occasionally had unexpected twists. Some episodes could be considered a horror show, some were science fictions or even psychological thriller. The bad new was there was no conclusion made in the end of the series. So the twelve episodes of Boogiepop were left separated and my curiosity was not satisfied. It was frustrating. The animation was good although things hardly moved in this anime. the art direction and soundtrack successfully created a world so mysterious and haunting. Conclusion: Boogiepop Phamtom had plenty of unique and interesting concept and ideas but sadly failed to tied all of them together in the end making the series quite disappointing as a whole.
Rating: C

One response to “Boogiepop Phantom: anime review

  1. Uhm, I have watched the series also, but from your description I think you must watch it more carefully, the main plot stitching together the single stories is present, and you must pay great attention to the dates in which the events occur, because the series goes on several backs and forths in future and also past events before the pillar of light. For example the fear ghoul incident takes place before the pillar of light. Anyhow I am agree with you that is difficult as hell to understand this series, probably the most difficult and complex I have ever seen. But I think it is that, that makes it so interesting. Also I think it is a must have for the people who likes DISTURBING and PSYCHOLOGICAL animes.

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