Burst Angel: anime review

: Burst Angel
Genre: action, sci-fi, mecha
Released date: 6 April 2004 – 14 September 2004
Episodes: 24
Director: Koichi Ohata
Animated by: Gonzo studio
Comment: “Guns, girls, ghouls and mecha, what else could you ask for?” I would answer “A decent script, perhaps”. The story followed four interestingly dressed female bounty hunters in their dangerous missions around Tokyo which were mysteriously linked together by monsters with glowing brains. The anime involved many visually spectacular action scenes which were the the anime’s best component. The CGI were smooth and beautiful that it probably could make up for the weak script. Unfortunately, all the good stuffs were incoherently connected. Many events were meaningless and explained too little and many characters showed up and simply disappeared. Even the main characters like Sei, Amy or Kyohei who had considerable screen time had little depth or significant development. Only Jo and Meg had their backgrounds and their relationship explained in one episode ‘Wild Kids’. The main plot were hastily told in the last few episodes and offered no satisfactory ending. Conclusion: without good script, the anime could offer only short-term entertainment and superficial beauty.
Rating: C

2 responses to “Burst Angel: anime review

  1. You Are Wrong, Bitch

    Bitch, how wrong you are. This is one of the most action packed and in depth shows ever. The ending was absolutely WONDERFUL and left you hanging on the edge of your seat waiting for the OVA. I was so affected by the ending, I shed a tear- a rare occasion.

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