Witch Hunter Robin: anime review

Title: Witch Hunter Robin
Genre: supernatural, action
Released date: July 2, 2002 – December 24, 2002
Episodes: 26
Director: Shukou Murase
Animated by: Studio Sunrise
Comment: The story of witch hunt by an organization with dark secrets that blended dark fantasy with sci-fi action. The plot followed a beautiful young witch named Robin who used her power against those of her own kind. The early episodes were mostly told in “case of the day” fashion but the main story emerged in the second half and the paces never slowed until the end. While the anime had its main plot about the origin of witchcraft, Robin’s birth and the secret organization called the Factory, it also contained multiple interesting minor plots about each characters. I liked how it tried to scientifically explain witchcraft and how the relationship of the two protagonist developed from comrades to hunter and prey and, probably, to lovers. The music and animation effectively created the dim and unsettling atmosphere of the anime. Each episode of Witch Hunter Robin was fun, intriguing and often action packed and simutaneously, the main story was slowly built up. It was mostly unstoppable watching this anime. Conclusion: This is a very fine work especially for those who like supernatural stories.
Rating: B+

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